Submission details

For more info about student submission process email submissions@centralcircuit.com

Apply for a Job

Please copy and complete the following application. Your completed application can be emailed to opportunities@centralcircuit.com

Section I: Answer each question in 200 words or less.

1. Discuss the following: Why does journalism matter? What is student press for, i.e. what is its function? And why are you qualified for this position–how do you fit into the Circuit’s larger mission?

2. What motivates you? What are you passionate about? And how does working at the Circuit fit into your broader academic and professional goals?

3. What does “diversity” mean to you? How is it related to “oppression”? And how would you describe the student body at Seattle Central Community College?

4. What is your relationship with writing? Why do you write?


Section II

In 50 words or less, pitch a story for publication in the Circuit. What is it about? Who are the players? Why should our readers care?


If you are not applying for a position that involves writing, then describe in 50 words or less an improvement you would make in the position you are applying for (e.g. if you’re applying for graphic designer, how could you make our current graphic design better)?


Section III: Find and correct the mistakes/problems in the following sentences.

A: She picked up the pliers and the screwdriver and put it on the counter.

B: I go to the store and bought milk.

C: After the dance, I went home, and went to bed; where I slept like a log.


Section IV

Please submit two (2) samples of your work that will give us an idea of your ability.


Optional: Submit a copy of your resume.


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