By the time you read this, nine Seattle City Council members will have been voted into office. However the events of the candidate forum held on October 15 remain relevant even after the election. Unlike sports, the time to pay attention is after the votes are counted. This forum provid- ed the opportunity to hear important issues, ask questions and speak directly to the candidates. The student body can thank our Associated Student Council for hosting the event at Seattle Central College along with the help of political science instructor Carl Livingston and public speaking instructor Dan Norton, who together … Continue reading WINDS OF CHANGE


Have you noticed the metal tracks that run along Broadway right outside of Seattle Central’s main campus? Maybe you’ve seen what look like unused bus stops with “out of service” banners covering their signs. Almost impossible to miss as of mid-October are the brightly col- ored streetcars themselves, which lumber down the street to the sound of clanging bells. All of these new additions are part of the First Hill Streetcar Line: a project conceived of after Sound Transit abandoned a plan to build a sub- terranean light rail tunnel in First Hill, citing risk and expense. Having already committed … Continue reading A STREETCAR NAMED DELAY


The Innovations College is a new department at the Seattle Cen- ter for Extended Learning, whose newest non-credit classes attracted a large number of students last year. The program is currently under major restructuring and will reveal some new surprises at the beginning of November. I talked about the program with Lisa Babinec, interim director of the Innovations College, who is responsi- ble for developing new educational programming. Can you tell us about your new programs? Especially Distilling, Introduction to Artisan Cheese and Real Estate 360. We are the first and the only partners in the US that can offer … Continue reading DISTILLING, CHEESE, CHARCUTERIE, AND MORE