Amidst the sound of basketballs bouncing off the walls, students in PE teacher Kelli Murphy’s meditation group gather in a circle, with their eyes closed, trying to find a little inner peace. For the last five years, Murphy has volunteered to facilitate the group in the Mitchell Activity Center (MAC). Although she doesn’t get paid and the participants don’t get any academic credit, this group has consistently garnered both student and fac- ulty interest, in part fueled by Murphy’s passion: “I’ve been practicing meditation for 20 years and it completely enhances my life and I just really wanted to share … Continue reading DESPERATELY SEEKING SOLITUDE


As a student new to Seattle Central College (SCC), I was truly honored to have the opportunity to interview interim President Dr. Sheila Edwards Lange. Dr. Lange is originally from Southern California and attended school there. She described the area she grew up in as an endless suburb and explained how California lacked the sense of community she was looking for. She moved here in the late 1980’s to attend graduate school at the University of Washington. The first few months were challenging; adjusting to a new city was difficult so she became involved in the community. “One of the … Continue reading BRINGING THE COMMUNITY BACK TO SCC


While our conventional math education focuses on equipping our students for success in calculus, the esoteric nature of calculus has long been a major source of frustration in studying math. Given the proliferation of students struggling with algebra and calculus, Seattle Central College’s Math Department believes there is an alternative math path that can alleviate the pain rendered by math. Statway, a statistics-oriented math path, was developed by the Carnegie Foundation as a re- sponse to the nationwide failure in developmental math – the traditional series of pre-college math classes ranging from basic arithmetic to intermediate algebra. “The initial problem … Continue reading STATWAY: ELIMINATING OBSTACLES FOR NON-STEM MAJORS


On January 1, 2016 all student-employees across the Seattle College District (SCD) will get a raise. The adjustment from eleven to thirteen dollars will adhere to the guidelines set forth by Seattle’s new minimum wage law, and roughly 215 student employees will benefit from the minor windfall of the bonus. But the district’s schedule to reach fifteen dollars by January 1, 2017 threatens to eliminate some student services in order to accommodate the extra financial burden. The fight for fifteen in the SCD started in November 2014. Ty Pethe, President of Local 304 Washington State Federation of Employees, first proposed … Continue reading MORE MONEY, MORE PROBLEMS


Coming up this week on the Island of the Misfit Clubs….Duhn duhn duhhhnnn! Seattle Central College has been around for over six decades. Here at Seattle Central many differ- ent services and classes are offered including a whole building devoted to Student Leadership. Student Leadership provides the support and care needed to build confidence and produce in- dividualized leaders. It should almost be manda- tory for everyone—especially new students—to join Student Leadership because they would get the opportunity to be part of a very diverse set of like-minded people. Another important reason to visit Student Lead- ership is to meet … Continue reading ISLAND OF THE MISFIT CLUBS!