A Seattle Central Radio is in the Works

As Jack Pappin reported in the December issue of The Central Circuit, Harold Glover, Executive of Communications at the Associated Student Council (ASC), is working with Moriah Williams to create a working radio station for Seattle Central (SCC). Glover has collaborated with dozens of students who were compelled to participate in the creation of a radio station. Glover has recently formed a committee of students who actively participate with the radio station.

“The purpose of the radio is to create a systematic flow of relevant information for students,” says Glover. The Central radio committee is currently planning for how the station content will be structured. The committee so far agrees that the SCC radio will be used as an artistic medium of of student-lead performances, school spirit, and relevant news coverage.

    Lonnie Mandis has been collaborating with the SCC radio to find outside funding for this venture. The radio committee proposes that this should be both an online and working FM station. This requires a measurable amount of funding. Glover and his team are looking at using funds from the Student Activities (S and A) Fund.

Each term, students are charged a fee for student government financial committee members to grant towards creating projects to contribute to the best environment possible for students. The Student Activities fund is one million dollars. This allows innovation to take place for the changing needs of students.

Glover states, “We want to initiate a revolution.This community is changing, relative to the economic boost in Seattle. We are taking advantage of this opportunity of the flux in population. This is a long-term investment.” According to the committee, creating a working radio station is highly relevant for SCC right now. University of Washington has their own radio station, KEXP. Could a Seattle Central radio be a potential extracurricular opportunity to help students transfer to the University of Washington? Possibly.

For more information, please visit Harold Glover in the ASC room inside the Student Leadership Office.

By Jake Senn


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