Coming up this week on the Island of the Misfit Clubs….Duhn duhn duhhhnnn!

Seattle Central College has been around for over six decades. Here at Seattle Central many differ- ent services and classes are offered including a whole building devoted to Student Leadership. Student Leadership provides the support and care needed to build confidence and produce in- dividualized leaders. It should almost be manda- tory for everyone—especially new students—to join Student Leadership because they would get the opportunity to be part of a very diverse set of like-minded people.

Another important reason to visit Student Lead- ership is to meet the Misfit Clubs!

Once upon a time there were geniuses who start- ed amazing clubs. They birthed them, raised them and matured them, before graduating and leaving all of their clubs behind. There is said to be an island that floats on top of Student Leadership and contains dozens of abandoned clubs. For example: Meat Club, Byte Club, Asian Student Association, Anthropology Club, Art Exposed Club, ASL Club, Cantonese Learn- ing Partnership, Café Ambiance Club, Coupon Club, Drawing Club, Entrepreneur Club, Fash- ion Club, First Generation Club, Glee Club and many more! In just a couple of minutes, you too can become the president or leader of any un- claimed club.

Alternately, you can also bring an idea for a new club to Student Leadership. Just make sure your ideal club doesn’t already exist first. Ex- isting clubs include: Muslim Student Associa- tion, Black Student Union, Saudi Club, Button Club, Korean Student Association, Taiwanese Student Association, Indonesian Club, Photog- raphy Club, Dental Hygiene Club, Arabic Club, Japanese Community Club, Parent Student Club, Chess Club and many more! With the help of the friendly staff it is almost impossible to walk out of Student Leadership without a few clubs on your list.

Clubs are a way for students to meet new people and build lifelong connections with people from all over the world. Want to get to involved? Go to Student Leadership, located right above the book store. Get out there and live a little!

By Khadijah Weddington


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