Don’t be Kung-Fused, Bruce Lee went to school here

By Oscar Stephens-Willis

Originally published in the December 2014 issue.

Did you know that Bruce Lee has a Seattle connection?

He’s actually buried in the city, at Lake View Cemetery, just a few minutes drive from our campus. He used to run down Broadway for his morning workout. He went to the University of Washington where he met his wife, and he funded his education by teaching Martial Arts.

Recently, the Wing Luke museum opened a three-year exhibit on his life in Seattle, titled “Do You Know Bruce?” The exhibit features his gym equipment, other belongings and his personal letters and writings.

Bruce Lee also, in fact, went to school at Seattle Central (back when it was Edison Technical School).

Such is the reasoning and inspiration behind a movement by members of the Student Leadership to have a statue erected of him outside the campus (specifically opposite the Jimi Hendrix statue on Broadway).

Max Shuman, Program Coordinator for Student Leadership at Seattle Central College is one of the main backers of the statue, and wrote the proposal n for its creation.

Shannon Lee, Bruce’s daughter, has been contacted about the statue and has not only given her blessing, but has offered to pay for the project. The Lee family often expresses a desire to see their father’s legacy preserved and his teachings continued.

President Paul Killpatrick is also behind it, and has expressed his desire to coordinate with the international district chancellor to discuss the real possibility of getting the statue erected.

So, keep an eye out, talks are soon to begin and soon we might be treated to a bronze statue of the greatest and most famous martial artist to have lived. Besides, who doesn’t like bronze statues of cool people?


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