Kansas anti-gay bill may backfire

Wow. Kansasians–all of them, from florists to cops to ER doctors–now have a blank check to discriminate against gay couples. The good news is that legislation as blatantly vague and discriminatory as this will definitely get knocked down in courts. And, probably not but maybe, this law could backfire: it allows individuals to discriminate based on their “sincere” religious beliefs, so presumably it also makes it a legally valid question whether or not a religious belief is “sincere.” Conservatives might have just put their own religion on trial, literally.

3 thoughts on “Kansas anti-gay bill may backfire

  1. Now Kansas, like Utah, will spend millions of dollars in legal fees thrashing this out. It’s really wasteful. Businesses still act at will unless challenged by parties who can afford to sue them, so discrimination doesn’t end. Gays still enter contracts of relationship with each other because no law against this can be enforced in practice, so marriage isn’t defended after all. The worst of both worlds.

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