Seattle ranked top on sustainable energy

by Gabrielle Warner | Art & Photo Editor

With an increasing world population and constantly advancing technology, developing and harnessing renewable energy is crucial to the world’s future. According to the Institute for Energy Research, 9.3 percent of the energy for electricity consumed in the United States was renewable in 2012. The percent in Seattle is staggeringly higher: 93.7 percent of the energy for electricity consumed here is renewable. The rest of the nation as a whole relies heavily on nonrenewable energy sources for electricity such as coal and natural gas (natural gas is comparatively much less destructive to the environment than other nonrenewable resources; however, it still is unfortunately non-renewable). A typical reaction to this information might be: What is Seattle doing that the rest of the country is not? Taking advantage of the many rivers and bodies of water in the Pacific Northwest region, 89.8 percent of Seattle’s electricity energy is generated by hydropower. Wind power accounts for the other 3.9 percent of Seattle’s renewable electricity.

Good job, Seattle. Hopefully more cities will follow this example and more and more areas will become powered by renewable resources, putting a sharp curb on pollution and the draining of this planet’s dwindling nonrenewable resources.



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