Farmers market, year-round

by Dahkota Beckham | Student Contributor

Have you ever wondered if the community college campus you love and know is ever used on the weekends? Or where all your local buddies are getting their non-genetically altered food at?

Photograph by Amber Lyons
Photograph by Amber Lyons

Maybe not, but if you have, your curiosity is about to be tamed! Recently the Broadway farmers market (located right outside of Seattle Central on the sidewalk) began running year round every Sunday from 11 AM- 3PM.  Now that’s something to get out of bed for on a Sunday! The market has been open since 2004 and offers an incredible variety of vendors and products.  If you’re a college student on food stamps, have no fear: SNAP is now accepted as a form of pay. A person on food stamps can simply go to the information desk and will receive tokens for their fresh fruits and veggies. When you swipe your EBT card at the farmer’s market info booth, you will be given up to a $10 bonus match for the first $10 of EBT you redeem per market day. The Broadway farmers market is fresh, local, convenient and drastically close to the school. This ripe-and-ready market just made the holiday season a bit less chaotic and a bit healthier.


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