Top Chef: Former SCCC student Carrie Mashaney features this season

by Jared Winninghoff | Copy Editor

According to their website, “Since 1941, the Seattle Culinary Academy has prepared over 5,000 students for successful culinary careers using a worldwide approach to sustainability, heritage and health.” One of those students is now on the television show Top Chef and her name is Carrie Mashaney. Mashaney attended the Seattle Culinary Academy at Seattle Central Community College with an emphasis on baking.

Mashaney has already worked for a couple of well-known restaurants in the Seattle area – Café Juanita, Spinasse – and will be the opening chef at Seattle chef Jason Stratton’s new restaurant Aragona. The two chefs worked together at Café Juanita and have been close ever since. In an interview with The Seattle Times Mashaney explains that her motivation for trying out for Top Chef was due to Stratton’s encouragement.

Mashaney goes on to explain that her love of cooking originated with her Mom. When she was young she and her Mom would cook together and Mashaney fell in love with cooking. Unfortunately Mashaney’s mother has passed away, but Mashaney takes pride knowing that her Mom would be “super proud” of her.


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