Poor in Seattle: A Guide

Ways to stay alive and well in this expensive-ass city.

by Amber Lyons | Campus News & Opinion Editor

Welcome to the first “Poor in Seattle: A Guide.” This guide will be that friend who knows when you are screwed because you’re fucking poor, and sits you down and says, “OK buddy, this is what you need to do.”

If you need clothes here are some places that will give you free assistance. Their numbers are located below each listing.

  • Bread of Life Mission – Offers free clothing to men and women who are homeless. 260-682-3579
  • Dress for Success, Seattle – Dress for Success is a program at the YWCA for women who need professional clothing. 206-325-3453
  • The Queen Anne Helpline – Any Seattle resident can use their clothing bank. They specialize in adult clothes and visits are by appointments. 206-282-1540

If you do not qualify for these services there are second-hand stores like Value Village and Goodwill or local stores. Some will offer coupons if you donate household items. Yeah, they can lack organization, have little to no security and I would never wear an item from one that hadn’t been scrubbed first, but they are cheap and you can find treasures for a lot less than they are worth.

Happy living, Seattle.


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