Music Spotlight: Twenty One Pilots, Vessel (2013)


by Katherine Morgan | Staff Writer

Although Twenty One Pilots’ album Vessel came out last year, it didn’t really make a true musical impact until 2013. It was only after their song “Holding Onto You” was nominated for an Artist to Watch VMA this year and they were named the opening band on Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock and Roll tour that the fans really started to take notice. With a sound that is described as a “true melting pot of music,”  Vessel will make you feel things that you haven’t felt since your crush’s Bar Mitzvah.

You will be surprised to learn that TOP only has two members in the recording booth even though it sounds like an entire band is strumming ukuleles and keytars to create a sound that is most unique. It’s the work of Tyler Joseph, lead singer, songwriter and rotating-instrument-player and his friend, Joshua Dun. Dun’s dynamite drum skills are highlighted on “Holding Onto You” and on “Car Radio,” which tells a story of a car radio gone missing.

Arguably the best track off of Vessel is “The Run and Go,” which opens with a “thun-thun-thun” noise, as if to imitate a heartbeat that is going much too fast. Add in Joseph’s “do-do-dos,” catchy whistling and Dun’s simple yet passionate drumming and you have one of the catchiest tunes that has graced your ears in a long time. Listening to Vessel, it is evident that these two care very much about their craft. Twenty One Pilots may make you proud to listen to pop music again. So, purchase Vessel off of iTunes (yes, actually buy it), listen to it about 20 times and come see them in November at the Neptune. You can bet that I already bought my ticket and will be seeing you there.


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